LIFE Heart

The LIFE-Heart study recruited 7,000 patients with suspected coronary heart disease, manifest heart disease or myocardial infarction. All patients received coronary angiography so that the vascular status in the heart is precisely known. In principle, this examination is not feasible in population-related studies. In addition, the patients were thoroughly examined with regard to the general vascular status and the health of the cardiovascular system. Extensive environmental factors were recorded. The cohort is also deeply molecularly and laboratory-medically characterized. These investigations are identical to those in LIFE-Adult, so that there are extensive possibilities for comparison between the cohorts. The LIFE-Heart study is the largest coronary angiographically characterized cohort in Germany and one of the largest worldwide.

Programme: LIFE Management Cluster


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  • EFRE

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Human Diseases: Cardiovascular system disease

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Project start date: 1st Jan 2009

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