scRNA-Seq expression data as RDS Seurat file


To provide data input and result from a scRNA-Seq integration workflow

For our R-based workflow on GitHub pulmonologists_interspecies_scRNA, we here provide the required scRNA-Seq input data, four Seurat RDS files.

Mouse: s511_1_diet_mouse.RDS,, own data created for the manuscript

Hamster:s511_1_diet_hamster.RDS, reformated data of naïve controls from publication Nouailles G, Wyler E, Pennitz P, et al. Temporal omics analysis in Syrian hamsters unravel cellular effector responses to moderate COVID-19. Nat Commun 2021; 12: 4869.

Human Travagli: s511_1_diet_human_travaglini.RDS ,reformated data of patient 2 from Travaglini KJ, Nabhan AN, Penland L, et al. A molecular cell atlas of the human lung from single-cell RNA sequencing. Nature 2020; 587: 619-25.

Human Charite: s511_1_diet_human_charite.RDS, own data created for the manuscript.

We also provide processed resulting annotated integrated Seurat file: s1_3_human_mouse_hamster_integrated.RDS

LHA ID: 88KGR6281K-6

Experimental assay

Holger Kirsten

Projects: Genetical Statistics and Systems Biology, LIFE Adult, LIFE Heart

Investigation: OMICS Investigations

Study: scRNA-Seq across species for pulmonologists

Assay position:

Resource type: Experimental Assay Type

Technology type: Technology Type

Human Diseases: No human diseases

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