Terms and Conditions

1. Application Domain

These General Terms of Use apply to the use of the “Health Atlas” portal by scientists (researchers) who upload their contributions there.

2. The "Health Atlas" Scientist‘s Portal

The "Health Atlas" portal is operated by the University of Leipzig (“operator”).
The portal "Health Atlas" is available as a platform for the upload, publication and sharing of scientific contributions and thus creates the possibility to make the contributions of the scientists accessible to a broad public.
In order to use the "Health Atlas" portal, a registration is required. After completion of the registration, the "Health Atlas" portal can be accessed via a login. The login data must be kept confidential.

3. Content of Scientific Contributions

The content of the scientific contributions is up to the researcher. There is no editorial influence by the provider.

The researcher is responsible for ensuring that his contributions

The researcher also makes sure that the upload of content and data and/or the upload of a link (URL)

In case of violation of these requirements, the operator reserves the right to put contributions of scientists completely or partly offline.

4. Rights of Use

By uploading the contributions and related data, the researcher grants the operator of the “Health Atlas” portal the non-exclusive right, unlimited in time, space and content, to make his contributions accessible to other users via the aforementioned portal.
The researcher himself determines whether the respective contribution can be made publicly accessible in such a way that users can receive and view the respective contributions at times and places of their choice by means of stationary or mobile devices.
Further rights for users (such as download, edit, manage rights) are only granted if the researcher provides the contributions with a corresponding rights setting. The contributions are published under the licence selected at Upload and made available to third parties, such as other users.
The scientist remains the owner of the intellectual property rights to his or her contributions and is fully entitled to reuse his or her contributions on his or her own or other websites or in other publication formats such as books.
The researcher agrees that the operator can continue to use the above-mentioned right of use without restriction if the portal is migrated to another website operated by the University of Leipzig. The same applies in case the operator should give up the name “Health Atlas” or replace it with another name.

5. Ascertaining Rights and Guarantees

The researcher undertakes to clarify copyright issues (e.g. image rights) prior to publication and to include a proper copyright notice in his or her contributions among works protected by copyright.
The researcher bears all risks in association with the contributions, including the risks arising from the use and publication of the data. The researcher guarantees that his contributions do not violate the rights of third parties. He must be entitled to all rights granted based on these terms of use without any restrictions and free of any rights of third parties. He also guarantees that he has not made any disposition of any kind over the rights, which would conflict with the granting of rights to the operators of the “Health Atlas” portal according to these terms of use.
The scientist explicitly assures that his contributions do not violate personal rights or other rights of third parties (e.g. patent, trademark, utility, design or other industrial property rights, right to one's own image, rights to a name etc.).
In case third parties assert claims against the operator with regard to the contributions/data used by the scientist and posted in the “Health Atlas” portal, the scientist releases the operator from these claims.
If declarations or documents of the scientist are necessary or suitable for a defence of rights, the scientist is obliged to submit them on request or to make them available to the operator as well as to provide all information required in this context.

6. Reliability and Liability

The operator does not apply any liability for obstructions in the accessibility and availability of the portal, which

The operation of the portal can be changed, updated or temporarily or permanently discontinued at any time without notice or assumption of liability.
Liability is excluded in the event of a failure of services due to a disruption outside the operator's area of responsibility. The same applies to the failure of services due to necessary interruptions of operation in accordance with the following points regarding the availability of services:

7. Blocking Access to the „Health Atlas” Portal

The operator is entitled to deny the scientist access to the “Health Atlas” portal in case of violation of these general terms of use and/or legal regulations.

8. Data Protection

The use of personal data, which are collected and stored during the registration for the “Health Atlas” portal and/or during the use of the “Health Atlas”, is subject to our data privacy policy.

9. Final Rules

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

As of: 2020-10-02

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