Summary statistics for brassicasterol (part 1)
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Summary statistics from GWAMA of brassicasterol (bre, esterified brassicasterol; brf, free brassicasterol; brt, total brassicasterol; brf_bre, free to esterified brassicasterol). These data are intended for research purposes only, and available upon publication. For any enquiries about the datasets, please contact Janne Pott ( or Markus Scholz (

Citation: tba

When using this data acknowledge the source as follows: 'Data on brassicasterol has been downloaded from'

The four files are in text delimited format and include:

  • markername
  • chr
  • bp (base position according to hg19)
  • ea (effect allele)
  • oa (other allele)
  • eaf (weighted effect allele frequency)
  • info (minimal info score across all used studies)
  • nSamples
  • nStudies
  • beta
  • se
  • p


Data file type: Other OMICs Data

Human Diseases: No Human Disease specified

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