GGN - German Glioma Network


The combination of clinical data and moleculargenetic test results is of great value for science with the goal to achieve a better understanding of the molecular principles of brain tumors. This project opens new ways in diagnostics and therapy for neuro-oncology.

During 2004 and 2012 the german cancer aid supported the german glioma network (GGN). The GGN is a consortium where university hospitals with clinical focus in neuro-oncology, reference centers for neuroradiology, neuropathology, molecular diagnostics and biometry cooperate. Thanks to the long-term support it was possible to build a network of competence centers for the treatment of brain tumors in Germany wich is characterized by a interdisciplinary collaboration of all specialist disciplines in diagnostics and treatment of patients with brain tumors. Another project of the GGN was the contruction of one of the world's biggest data bases and tissue banks for brain tumor patients which associates clinical information regarding therapy and course of the disease with tumor materials and its moleculargenetic test results.

Programme: Glioma


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Human Diseases: Brain glioma, Malignant glioma

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Project start date: 1st Jan 2004

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