LivSys Transfer - Transfer of the LivSys in vitro system for hepatotoxicity into application

The aim of this project is to validate and improve an in vitro test system developed in a previous project for the prediction of hepatotoxicity induced by chemical substances and drugs. For this purpose, the test system will be supplemented with immunological cells in order to be able to detect idiosyncratic reactions. In the subproject of the working group of Prof. Daniel Seehofer and Dr. Georg Damm, primary liver cells will be provided and the in vitro model will be improved by Kupffer cells.

Programme: This Project is not associated with a Programme


Funding codes:
  • BMBF FKZ 031L0119D

Public web page: Not specified

Human Diseases: Liver disease, Liver cancer

Health Atlas - Local Data Hub/Leipzig PALs: No PALs for this Project

Project Coordinators: No Project coordinators for this Project

Project start date: 1st Feb 2017

Project end date: 31st Dec 2020

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