i:DSem - Integrative Datensemantik in der Systemmedizin


Within the framework of the funding measure "i:DSem - Integrative Data Semantics in Systems Medicine", the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports research projects that take up this approach. Interdisciplinary research projects are to create the basis so that in the future, for example, the attending physician will have application-oriented computer programmes at his or her disposal that will enable him or her to access all clinically relevant data. This should significantly support medical staff in deciding on the best treatment for a patient.

Web page: https://www.gesundheitsforschung-bmbf.de/de/i-dsem-integrative-datensemantik-in-der-systemmedizin-3367.php

Funding details:

Publication of the announcement: 2014
Funding period: 2016 - 2021
Number of projects: 8 consortia with a total of 27 funding recipients

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