Spatial Analysis of Anthropometric and Lifestyle Data for Children and Adolescents


Lifestyle - Health - Enviroment,integration of heterogeneous external data sources like : • environmental research institutes • geographics information • official statistics


LIFE Child is an epidemiological cohort study at the Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Dis-eases (University of Leipzig). A main goal of LIFE Child is to study the influence of environment and lifestyle factors to the development of children and adolescent in and near Leipzig. In particu-lar, we search for predominant aspects in the development of children with obesity. Typically, data is analyzed by different statistical methods and approaches to find (perhaps multi-variate) pre-dominant markers. Additionally, we map selected data to geographical maps to study their spatial distribution over urban districts of Leipzig, on the one hand. This allows to compara-tively analyze anthropometric measurements, such as age- and gender-corrected height, weight, and body mass index, together with further participant-related data including social indicators, e.g., in-come, education, socio economic indexes and lifestyle data, to distinguish city districts with a high correlation to those with low or no correlation. On the other hand, we associate anthropometric measurements with publicly available data, such as official statistics including district-specific un-employment rates and inhabitant densities by taking the participant's place of living into account. We developed a spatial analysis pipeline of anthropometric and lifestyle data according to Leipzig city districts. While cohort and publicly available data is managed by a database system, the analysis pipeline is implemented by dedicated R scripts. The sample is with more than 2,500 children large enough for first analyses. … Our first results show that unemployment of parents could be a factor for obesity of children especially in districts with low social index.

Projects: LIFE Child

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Journal: 2014-Leipziger-Research-Festival

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Date Published: 1st Nov 2014

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Authors: M. Vogel, A. Kiel, M. Rühle, Toralf Kirsten, M. Geserick, R. Gausche, G. Grande, D. Molis, U. Igel, S. Alvanides, W. Kiess

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