Metadata Management for Data Integration in Medical Sciences - Experiences from the LIFE Study -


Metadata Management for Data Integration in Medical Sciences


Clinical and epidemiological studies are commonly used in medical sciences. They typically collect data by using different input forms and information systems. Metadata describing input forms, database schemas and input systems are used for data integration but are typically distributed over different software tools; each uses portions of metadata, such as for loading (ETL), data presentation and analysis. In this paper, we describe an approach managing metadata centrally and consistently in a dedicated Metadata Repository (MDR). Metadata can be provided to different tools. Moreover, the MDR includes a matching component creating schema mappings as a prerequisite to integrate captured medical data. We describe the approach, the MDR infrastructure and provide algorithms for creating schema mappings. Finally, we show selected evaluation results. The MDR is fully operational and used to integrate data from a multitude of input forms and systems in the epidemiological study LIFE.

Projects: LIFE - Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases

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Date Published: 2nd Mar 2017


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Authors: Toralf Kirsten, A. Kiel, M. Rühle, J.Wagner

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