Genomic and transcriptomic changes complement each other in the pathogenesis of sporadic Burkitt lymphoma.


Burkitt lymphoma (BL) is the most common B-cell lymphoma in children. Within the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), we performed whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of 39 sporadic BL. Here, we unravel interaction of structural, mutational, and transcriptional changes, which contribute to MYC oncogene dysregulation together with the pathognomonic IG-MYC translocation. Moreover, by mapping IGH translocation breakpoints, we provide evidence that the precursor of at least a subset of BL is a B-cell poised to express IGHA. We describe the landscape of mutations, structural variants, and mutational processes, and identified a series of driver genes in the pathogenesis of BL, which can be targeted by various mechanisms, including IG-non MYC translocations, germline and somatic mutations, fusion transcripts, and alternative splicing.

PubMed ID: 30926794

Projects: MMML - Molecular mechanisms in malignant lymphoma

Publication type: Not specified

Journal: Nat Commun

Human Diseases: Lymphoma, Burkitt lymphoma

Citation: Nat Commun. 2019 Mar 29;10(1):1459. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08578-3.

Date Published: 29th Mar 2019

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Authors: C. Lopez, K. Kleinheinz, S. M. Aukema, M. Rohde, S. H. Bernhart, D. Hubschmann, R. Wagener, U. H. Toprak, F. Raimondi, M. Kreuz, S. M. Waszak, Z. Huang, L. Sieverling, N. Paramasivam, J. Seufert, S. Sungalee, R. B. Russell, J. Bausinger, H. Kretzmer, O. Ammerpohl, A. K. Bergmann, H. Binder, A. Borkhardt, B. Brors, A. Claviez, G. Doose, L. Feuerbach, A. Haake, M. L. Hansmann, J. Hoell, M. Hummel, J. O. Korbel, C. Lawerenz, D. Lenze, B. Radlwimmer, J. Richter, P. Rosenstiel, A. Rosenwald, M. B. Schilhabel, H. Stein, S. Stilgenbauer, P. F. Stadler, M. Szczepanowski, M. A. Weniger, M. Zapatka, R. Eils, P. Lichter, M. Loeffler, P. Moller, L. Trumper, W. Klapper, S. Hoffmann, R. Kuppers, B. Burkhardt, M. Schlesner, R. Siebert

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