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1. Background
The Health Atlas hosts many different data sets, models, and publication results. All these were developed using epidemiological or clinical studies, with a variety of questionnaires, medical examinations and other data collecting instruments.
2. Problem
Finding and comparing metadata for the different studies within the Health Atlas portal can be tedious and time consuming. To facilitate this process, an integrative platform providing the Health Atlas studies metadata must be supplied so that each individual publication and/or associated study can provide their metadata in this repository.
3. Solution
The Leipzig Research Centre for Civilization Diseases (LIFE) already developed a suitable application called Data Portal. This guided tour demonstrates the use of the Data Portal to find metadata for the “LIFE Adult Study” project.
5. Results
Finding and understanding forms and items used within specific projects incorporated in the Health Atlas is facilitated using a Metadata Browser, the Health Atlas Data Portal. Furthermore connections between different projects within the same study can be revealed, as they often use the same instruments to gather data.
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